Greatis Programming

Greatis Programming is a department of Greatis Software company that specializes in custom developing, special software for developers and web projects. Components and libraries for Delphi, .Net, Android, free utilities for Windows, unique databases for websites developers, information websites for software developers, custom components, libraries, code pieces and much more.

Delphi Components

We have been working with Delphi since the very first version. Our first commercial component was published in 1998. It was TPrintService - an early version of our modern Print Suite. Since then, we have released components that combine the convenience of VCL and FMX with the power of direct WinAPI calls. Our components help to print, access system resources, edit applications at runtime, and much more.

Our most popular products for Delphi:

   Form Designer
   Object Inspector
   Print Suite
   Keyboard Hook
   Mouse Hook


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Custom Programming

Custom VCL, VCL/WinAPI components and Delphi class/procedure libraries from $100.
Consultation on Delphi/WinAPI programming from $25.
Need custom codes? Is there a question of Delphi/WinAPI programming?
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.Net WinForms Components

Our first product for .Net was published in 2004. It was Form Designer .Net - unique runtime form designer based on the native .Net interfaces.

Later we have created Print Suite .Net, Nostalgia .Net and other products for .Net developers. All our products ditributed with complete source codes.

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Android Libraries and Applications

We offer True Analog Clock - unique library that allows to create analog clock applications and widgets with incredible ease. In most cases you even don't need any manual programming. Library supports second, minute, hour, hour 24, day of week, day of month and month hands without manual coding. You can add any programmable custom hands.

Also we offer some small and useful applications.
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Free and useful utilities for Windows.


PosterIt! is a free image print utility that allows to print photos, arts, posters, schemes, charts, diagrams and so on with unlimited size on any printer.

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Screen Beagle

Screen Beagle is a free screen utilities pack with advanced magnifier and screenshot utility. Pro version offers measurer and dropper utilities

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We offer databases to developers who create websites and applications for Amazon Associates: Amazon Categories, collected from Amazon websites and Amazon Nodes, collected with native BrowseNodes call of Amazon's Product Advertising API.

  Amazon Categories
  Amazon Nodes

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