Image Pro • Interface

property Cropping: Boolean;
Contains True if the component in the interactive crop mode. This property is read-only and is controlled from EnterCropMode, EnterCropModeRect and ExitCropMode methods.
property CropRect: TRect;
Rectangle of the current crop area in control coordinates. Read-only.
procedure LoadFromFile(FileName: string);
Loads image from file.
procedure SaveToFile(FileName: string);
Saves image to file.
procedure SaveSelectionToFile(FileName: string);
Saves selected crop area to file.
procedure CopyToClipboard;
Copies image to clipboard.
procedure CopySelectionToClipboard;
Copies selected crop area to clipboard.
procedure PasteFromClipboard;
Pastes image from clpboard.
procedure Crop(R: TRect);
Crops image by the passed rectagle (in image coordinates).
procedure CropBySelection;
Finishes interactive cropping process and crops image.
procedure EnterCropMode;
Starts interactive cropping processes with default rectangle (half-size, centered).
procedure EnterCropModeRect(R: TRect);
Starts interactive cropping processes with passed rectangle rectangle (in control coordinates).
procedure ExitCropMode;
Finishes interactive cropping process without changing.