Nostalgia .Net • System Cursor

Class for tracking and controlling system cursor

This class allows to show, hide, track and change system cursor. Usually, you can control cursor only within your application, but SystemCursor class allows you to change cursor for entire system - you even can change default system cursors directly from your code. Just save original cursor:

  defaultCursor = SystemCursor.CopyCursor(SystemCursor.GetCursor(SystemCursors.Normal));
then replace standard arrow cursor by your own cursor:
  SystemCursor.SetCursor(SystemCursors.Normal, new Cursor(GetType(), "Arrow.cur"));
Later you can restore old cursor, if you want:
  SystemCursor.SetCursor(SystemCursors.Normal, defaultCursor);
or revert to deafult cursor settings:
At any time you can get handle of current cursor:
  IntPtr cursor = SystemCursor.GetCurrentCursor();
Demo project shows all the SystemCursor class' features:

System Cursor Demo

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