Print Suite .Net • Components


DocumentDesigner    DocumentDesigner     Supports document creation and printing
PreviewToolbar PreviewToolbar Controls preview, customization allowed
PreviewStatusBar PreviewStatusBar Shows page number and zoom information, customization allowed


PrintProvider PrintProvider Base provider class
WatermarkProvider WatermarkProvider Prints watermark graphics on the page
PageIndentProvider PageIndentProvider Supports indent of content on the page
PageNumberProvider PageNumberProvider Prints page number on the page
ContentProvider ContentProvider Base content provider, supports "begin from new page" feature
ContentIndentProvider ContentIndentProvider Supports indent between two other content providers
EvenOddProvider EvenOddProvider Alternates two content providers between even and odd pages
DocumentToProvider DocumentToProvider Allows using old print job implemented by PrintDocument
ProviderToDocument ProviderToDocument Allows using content from print provider in PrintDocument

Text Providers

TextProvider TextProvider Base provider for text printing
TextBoxProvider TextBoxProvider Prints content of TextBox control
RichTextBoxProvider RichTextBoxProvider Prints content of RichTextBox control
ComboBoxProvider ComboBoxProvider Prints content of ComboBox control
ListBoxProvider ListBoxProvider Prints content of ListBox control

Image Providers

ImageProvider ImageProvider Base class for image printing
ImageListProvider ImageListProvider Prints content of ImageList
PictureBoxProvider PictureBoxProvider Prints content of PictureBox
ControlImageProvider ControlImageProvider Prints snapshot of control
ScreenshotProvider ScreenshotProvider Prints screenshot

Grid Providers

GridProvider GridProvider Base provider for grid printing
FixedGridProvider FixedGridProvider Prints simplest grid with fixed rows and columns
TextGridProvider TextGridProvider Prints text grid
ListViewProvider ListViewProvider Prints content of ListView control
DataGridViewProvider DataGridViewProvider Prints content of DataGridView control

Print Suite .Net contains 3 namespaces:
Base types of Print Suite .Net

DocumentDesigner, PreviewToolbar and PreviewStatusBar

All the print provider components

These 3 namespaces are implemented in 6 assemblies:
Implements all bases types of Greatis.PrintSuite namespace

Implements Greatis.PrintSuite.Designer namespace

Implements base types of Greatis.PrintSuite.Providers namespace

Implements text providers within Greatis.PrintSuite.Providers namespace

Implements image providers within Greatis.PrintSuite.Providers namespace

Implements grid providers within Greatis.PrintSuite.Providers namespace