If you are a web developer, then you certainly understand that developing a website or application really requires functionality development. However, sometimes functionality that has already been used is repeated to meet market demands and needs.

If you don’t want to repeat for a feature or functionality that you are going to run, then you can use a software framework. This software can provide the foundation to enable you to create the website or application you want without having to do repetition.

So, what is a framework? In the world of software development, a framework is a file repository that serves to contain several basic functions at once.

In dealing with a project, then you as a web developer are required to be able to program various functions at once. That’s why the framework exists, namely as a foundation for a web developer, in order to develop a project more efficiently.

11 Best Types of PHP Frameworks

If you want to develop a project using PHP, you can take advantage of a PHP framework that already has the required functionality and can make it easier for you to run a scalable, maintainable, and of course testable project. In the following, we will discuss the 11 best PHP frameworks that you can use for your project development.

    1. Laravel

      The Laravel framework, is one of the PHP frameworks that have the upper hand, is familiar among web developers, and ranks first in terms of PHP frameworks in terms of performance and the person behind the success of the Laravel framework is Taylor Otwell. There are several advantages of this PHP framework, which is that it has a syntax that is easy to understand and use, so you can develop your website and application projects in a short time.
      In addition, you no longer need to think about basic tasks, because this Laravel framework provides various functions such as user authentication, caching, and session management. In simple terms, the Laravel framework provides all the functional aspects you need to be able to develop modern PHP application projects.
    2. CodeIgniter

      The CodeIgniter framework was originally developed by Rick Ellis but was eventually developed by the British Columbia Institute of Technology. However, currently under the leadership of Lonie Ezell and his entire team. The concept of the CodeIgniter framework is the use of different components for managing more specific development tasks. Because it can be said to be very friendly to web developers because it can create and develop web application projects that are easy to scale and don’t take up much space.In addition, the CodeIgniter framework provides information in the form of complete help and tutorials, so this PHP framework is highly recommended for a beginner, especially if you want to develop applications that are ‘lightweight’ and only run on a simple server.
    3. Symfony

      In terms of popularity, the Symfony framework is a PHP framework that ranks third after the Laravel framework and the CodeIgniter framework, in terms of popularity. The advantage of the Symfony framework is that it has reliable help and tutorials so that the Symfony framework is indeed very superior in terms of modularity.It is very flexible because this framework contains a bundle system and component system that can make it easier for you to choose the PHP framework functions. Do you want to use the entire framework or just the PHP functions you need or want most?
    4. Phalcon

      The Phalcon framework is the type of framework that web developers who prioritize performance will like. Why so? Because this framework is one of the fastest frameworks, saves resources, and has good performance, so it can provide results that are not only stable but also of high quality.Fronted by Andres Gutierrez and other colleagues, the source code of this framework is written in C language on a web server, so the Phalcon framework is a C extension for the PHP framework.

      After you install this framework, there are almost absolutely no files contained in it, you can simply add the modules and libraries you want the result is a neat and organized development of your web application.

    5. Cake PHP

      PHP Framework MVC which has a motto, “The Rapid Development Framework for PHP”, was first launched in the market in the 2000s. Currently, it is still the best and most popular PHP framework.This PHP framework has excellent features such as associative data mapping, front controller, and MVC architecture because this framework is a type of PHP Framework MVC. The main advantage of this framework is the method convention that lies in the coding process.

      This means that if you can understand the convention set correctly, then you can focus on development right away and as a result can complete tasks faster.

    6. Yii2

      The framework has the motto “The Fast, Secure, and Professional PHP Framework and the PHP Framework is a competitor that deserves to be taken into account. In terms of performance, it is on par with the Phalcon framework, and the main advantage is that it is easy to set up and can be customized according to your own needs.In addition, this framework also offers a high level of security standards for the websites and applications that you are developing. Many other advantages can make web application development that you handle faster. However, the drawback of the Yii framework is that it cannot be immediately understood and learned by novice developers.
    7. Zend

      This type of framework is classified as a unique framework and is released by the core PHP development team. The advantage of this type of framework is that you have the tools to support your web application development activities such as Zend Studio, Zend Expressive, Apigility, and PHP 7 itself.If you want to become a Zend Framework professional, then you need an official certification. Another advantage is that it is used by the Enterprise because it provides direct support from the developer. Because of these advantages, this type of framework is said to have its uniqueness.
    8. Lumen

      The Lumen framework is commanded by Taylor Otwell, because it is said to be a child of the Laravel framework, but has different aspects from the Laravel framework. The Lumen framework is a microframework with a special syntax that is beautiful and elegant.In addition, it also has the features of the Laravel framework and additional features. Therefore, in terms of microframeworks, it is clear that the Lumen framework is the most superior.
    9. Silex

      If the Lumen framework is built under the Laravel framework name, then the Silex framework is built under the Symfony framework name. The features that are owned are almost the same as the features of the Symfony framework, but some parts are not used in order to focus more on building APIs that are faster and save resources.
    10. Slim

      Framework Slim is included in the PHP micro-framework that can make you work faster in developing web applications and at the same time a superior API. The advantage is that it is compatible with PSR and PHP units, has the Express.js syntax that is specifically used for Node.js.
    11. FuelPHP

      This type of framework has the ambition to be the fastest and lightest framework. This framework has a minimalist footprint so that the developers of this framework believe that this framework can be popular with the wider community. In terms of advantages, this framework has compatibility with PSR and Composer.


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