Android is currently dominating the world’s mobile market, everywhere people use Android phones, not only mobile phones but also tablets and even smartwatches.

Android is present as an operating system that runs behind the scenes of these devices, created by Google, managed very seriously until now on the Google Play Store there are already more than 2.2 million applications for Android devices.

This data is enough to bring Google’s operating system to the forefront, followed by Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

So there is no need for another reason not to immediately jump into an Android developer, if you understand making applications with Android, the doors of your sustenance will certainly be more wide open because there are more and more job opportunities.

10 Tools Android Apps

The following are some application software that you can use as a provision to create your Android application.

  1. Android Studio

    Android Studio is Google’s official Android programming IDE developed from IntelliJ. Before there was Android Studio, Android programmers had used Eclipse. Eclipse was an Android programming IDE before the advent of Android Studio. You could say Google has turned away from Eclipse and made Android Studio its official IDE. Due to having made Android Studio official on May 16, 2013, Google discontinued ADT support for Eclipse shortly thereafter and official ADT was only available to Android Studio.Developed on top of JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio is designed specifically for Android development. This IDE is available for use on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.
  2. Android NDK and SDK

    Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is a kit that can be used by developers to develop Android-based applications. In it, there are several tools such as a debugger, software libraries, emulators, documentation, sample code, and tutorials.The Java SE Development kit is an example of the Android SDK and is the most frequently used programming language for developing Android applications. In addition, there are several other languages such as C++, Go, and Kotlin -the language that Google set in 2017.
    The Android NDK (Native Developer Kit) offers a set of tools that allow you to leverage C and C++ to develop Android applications. This tool comes with several embedded libraries to allow you to reuse previous code and allow you to innovate.Google released the Android NDK to influence C and C++ developers to increase the number of Android apps. That way you don’t need to be a Java master to develop something for Android users.This tool can also be integrated with the Eclipse IDE and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  3. Unity 3D

    If you want to develop an app with a 3D experience, you can use Unity3D. This tool offers many APIs that help build attractive application interfaces. In addition, it can also take advantage of the high-end features of the engine to build 3D mobile games.
  4. QT for Android
    QT for Android is suitable for programmers with knowledge of C++ and QML. The Qt Company has designed QT for Android to make it easier for programmers. This framework allows you to develop QT 5 applications on devices with Android 4.1 (API level 16) or above. Apart from that, there are also some simple solutions for handling media content.
  5. Xamarin
    Xamarin is an application developer software or maker of an android-based application that uses the C# programming language.This software is very good for friends who are already familiar with using basic programming languages such as C++ or other Microsoft languages such as (C#, C ASP), because this software uses the Microsoft programming language (C++, C#, C ASP) at the time. development or manufacture of an android-based application.
  6. Android Apps Maker
    This Android Apps Maker from the name alone we can already know what it does. Creating applications with Android Apps Maker is quite easy because there are around 18 templates available that we can use for free.Some examples of applications that can be developed with this application are photo galleries, trivia games, ebook applications, radio stations, and others. Applications made later will even be sent in full to our email.
  7. iBuild App
    iBuildApp has the advantage of speed. We can make applications in just 5 minutes with this iBuildApp, so it’s no wonder the number of applications that have been successfully created with iBuildApp has reached almost 500,000 applications.

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