Financial management is not as easy as imagined. Everyone certainly hopes to be able to manage their finances as well as possible, but in practice, many find it difficult.

Now there is technology in the form of applications that can help you manage personal finances. Here are 7 personal finance management applications that you can try:

  1. Uang Ku
    First, there is the UangKu application, which has quite complete features and looks very simple. This application is highly recommended for beginners in the field of financial management.
    Users will be asked to fill in the target savings and spending targets within one month. The application will then give suggestions and limits on the money that can be spent every day so that the target can be achieved.
  1. MoneyLover
    The next choice of free and practical financial management applications is MoneyLover. This application is equipped with various types of features that will effectively help you to control your monthly expenses.
    In this application, you can find budget, savings, and event features. Through the MoneyLover application, you can make financial plans and manage income very well.
  1. Mint
    Next, there is the Mint application which is also very effective for managing finances. This application is widely used by millennials and already has complete features.
    Mint offers features for managing bank accounts, investment olio, monthly bills, and credit loans. Mint can help you create budget categories and calculate expenses effectively.
  1. Monefy
    You can also manage finances easily and practically by using Monefy. This is a daily financial record application where users can record expenses based on their respective categories.
    In Monefy, users can create more than one account and each account will have separate financial records. This application will carefully calculate the percentage of expenses from each existing category.
  1. Money Level
    The Level Money application is also highly recommended to manage your finances. This application is based on iOS and can be directly connected to a bank account.
    Level Money will always record the amount of money coming in and going out whether it’s on a credit card or bank account.
    Besides being able to control your finances, the Level Money application is also very helpful in maintaining the security of transactions through bank accounts.
  1. Wallets
    Furthermore, there is a choice of applications called Wallet which can also manage your finances. This personal finance application can also link all types of transaction activities with your bank balance.
    Interestingly, the Wallet application supports various types of currencies. Through the Wallet application, users can also share accounts with other users safely and easily.
  1. Penny
    iOS users can also use the Penny app to manage personal finances. This application works quite effectively and offers a variety of features.
    Users can find out how much money has been spent, how many bills have to be paid, and what bills have changed rates.
    The Penny application is available in two types of services, namely free and paid, which is of course much more complete.

Those are 7 choices of financial management applications that can work effectively to manage your finances every month. By using these applications, it will be much easier to save money.

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