What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that processes computing resources via the internet so that computers can connect.

When viewed from the term itself, cloud computing means cloud computing. Well, the cloud here means the internet network. So that the internet plays a role as a user’s data and information center.

With cloud computing, you no longer need to store data in hard files or on a hard disk. As long as you have an internet network, then you can save and access it wherever you are.

So that it can be said, this technology can be accessed remotely.

Based on the access rights owned or the system used, cloud computing is further divided into 3 types, namely:

  • Public Cloud: public cloud can be accessed by anyone and does not require a fee, you can use all its features and services as long as there is an internet network. Examples of public clouds such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Gmail and many more.
  • Private Cloud: This type is usually used in an organization or company that requires a high level of data security. That is why it is called private because it can only be accessed by people who are members of the organization.
  • Community Cloud: almost the same as private cloud, only community cloud can be accessed by outsiders who still have relationships with related institutions. In addition, the network in the community cloud can also be opened for public access.

How Cloud Computing Works

After knowing the meaning of cloud computing, then how does it work so that you can access data and information in the cloud?

Simply put, cloud computing is divided into two parts, namely frontend, and backend. The two parts are connected using the internet network and work together to provide certain functions.

The frontend is likened to the user and the backend is part of the cloud system.

Frontend is a website display or cloud service application that can be accessed by the user. In addition, there are also applications or platforms to access the cloud. However, not all cloud computing systems must have the same user interface.

Furthermore, in the backend, there are computers, servers, and data storage systems that make up the cloud. Cloud computing systems can be computer programs, data processing, and other types of files. Usually, each application must have a dedicated server.

By doing virtual storage, it will not increase memory usage on your local computer.

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