Talking about software engineering, maybe some people are still unfamiliar with this term. When quoting from several experts, software engineers have various meanings as follows.

Fritz Bauer (1968)

According to Fritz, software engineering is a formation and also the principle of engineering in order to obtain a software that is economically priced but can be relied upon and is able to work optimally.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / IEEE (1993)
According to IEEE, software engineering is an application and also approach to technology in a systematic, structured, and also disciplined manner. It aims to develop, operate, and maintain software.

Pressman (1997)

According to Pressman, software engineering is a discipline that follows the process of a procedure, device, and also the method used to create computer software.

Understanding Software Engineering

In general, software engineering is the conversion of software to be developed, maintained, and also rebuilt based on the principles of engineering. The function and purpose of learning software engineering, among others, can produce software that can run faster, effectively, and of high quality for users.

Based on Pressman (1997), several methodologies for software development are divided into two parts, viz.


A method is a systematic approach. This method includes project plans and predictions, data structure design, system and software analysis, program design, algorithms, coding, and testing.


The tools here are used as support to create software. The tools here are of two ways, namely, tools used automatically and also manually.

Software development method

programmer in front of pc

The software development method is divided into five, namely the linear sequential method, RAD, Prototype, Spiral, and also 4GT. These are following explanation of the methods:

Linear Sequential Model

This model is a software development that is both sequential and systematic. Starting from the analysis system used, the code, testing, and also the design. Therefore, this method is often referred to as the waterfall model or characteristic of the waterfall model.

RAD Model

The RAD model or the abbreviation of Rapid Application Development is one of the software development processes that focuses more on developing shorter or shorter systems. The RAD process allows the development team to create a standard functional system in a short time.

Prototype Model

This prototype model functions to carry out an accurate mechanism. That way, when the prototype runs, experts must use fragments in existing programs. The second way is to use tools such as Windows Manager, for example. Thus, the program created can work optimally.

Spiral Model

The spiral model is a fairly evolutionary software process. This spiral model was originally a proposal from Boehm. The method itself is to assemble the alternative properties of the prototype. Then, it is systematically controlled based on a linear sequential model. This model is an easier method for developing large systems. However, this model requires high expertise. In addition, this model can take years to be used.

4GT model

The 4GT model or short for Fourth Generation Technique is a model that refers to software that is commonly used. Some software developments that can support 4GT include data manipulation, report generation, screen interaction, high-level graphics, and spreadsheets.

The advantage of using this 4GT model is that the time needed can be shorter. At the same time, productivity can be made more. However, the disadvantage of this method lies in the tools or tools. Because the tools used are only for certain applications.

Software Engineering career branch

After we read the methods used for software development, the next is the career branch that deals with software engineering as follows.

Application Development

The first is application development. Careers in this section are tasked with developing desktop applications or just for computers. The application can be used online or offline. In general, the programming language used is Java and also C #.

Web Development

If the application development only focuses on developing applications for the desktop, then web development only focuses on developing applications through a web browser. In general, the most popular and most commonly used web programming languages are HTML, Javascript, and PHP.

Web Development is now commonly used in many online industries. The blog you often saw on the internet is also built through this system, and casino online terpercaya sites across the internet are generally the same. A good web developer will combine all three languages into harmony, a good site bring good traffic.

System Development

The task of system development is to support the application development part. In general, often petrified in design and coding. The programming language that is often used is C and also C ++.

Embedded System Development

The main task in this field is to design a computer system and also software that is usually not installed on a computer. For example, vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, GPS, etc. In general, the programming language that is often used is a combination of various other programming languages.

That is what understanding software engineering is. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you all.