Coding is one of the things that can be very confusing, complex, and inseparable parts of technology or an operating system. Besides HTML, there is PHP as one of the best. What is PHP, and what is the function of PHP?

Get to know the PHP Programming Language

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is a programming language used on dynamic systems or websites. PHP scripts will work by being processed by the Web Server before functioning to display the website’s appearance as its job.

PHP scripts are also often integrated or pasted with HTML, which starts with <? Php and ends with?>. PHP can be found in databases such as MySQL or Oracle and Microsoft Access. That’s a little understanding of what PHP is.

A Short History of PHP

PHP is also called the Server Side Script language because the process passes the Server computer first. PHP was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, which is now managed by The PHP Group.

PHP function

Then to function, PHP based programming languages ​​can be used to make configuration even easier. And make it easier for Coding to compose complex structures. And easily combined with HTML.


PHP itself is also one of the programming languages ​​that is Open Source or compatible and is free for various operating systems. Unfortunately, encoding from PHP code is relatively expensive and requires certain tools.

Types of PHP

PHP programming language that has been widely used by various websites in this era is also divided into several types of data types as follows:

  1. Integer: Namely PHP data types in the form of integers that are often used in PHP programming related to integers.
  2. Float: Namely, data types in the form of comma (,) numbers, but in programming, they do not use commas but points (.).
  3. String: Namely, data types in the form of characters, or can be text or words.
  4. Boolean: Namely, data types that can be True or False, which are usually used for logic, for example, if or looping conditions.
  5. Array: That is a collection of data types in which have many values. So that it can be said Array is a data type that consists of a collection of data types as well.
  6. Object: Namely, data types that can be numbers, functions, or variables that are used so that programmers are accustomed to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). With this, the data inputted or entered into the script program can be summarized.

PHP, of course, can be used to set the Algorithm on the site design or website that we Build. PHP is a programming language that is very reliable at this time.

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