Creating a professional website is not that easy. Many skills are needed to produce beautiful, functional websites and other things related to the world of web development. These skills will be grouped into 3 things:

Design Process

Mastering The Design Concept

A web designer must understand the correct design concept. The design concept includes layout, composition, color harmony, theme, typography, white space, and other design elements. In addition to understanding the concept of design, web designers must have a sensitive feeling related to beauty.

Mastering Software to Design

In this all-digital era, the process of expressing creativity must be poured through software. For world-class, like it or not, you have to master Photoshop software.

Mastering Software For Animation

In creating an attractive website, the animation is needed. Creating animations with Flash is a must for a web designer.

Mastering XHTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery

In the process of making a website, the resulting design will be displayed inefficient codes so that it appears quickly in the browser. The technology used in presenting this information is XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery. Each of these things must be mastered well by a web designer.

Development Process

Mastering PHP

PHP is the most widely used programming on the internet. A web programmer must master PHP.

Mastering CSS

XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery are languages ​​used to display data that will appear beautifully in the browser.

Mastering MySQL and SQL

MySQL is a database where website content is stored. Programmers will take the form of SQL language then process in PHP and display via XHTML, CSS as well as Javascript and Jquery.

Mastering CPanel

Cpanel is software for managing the existing facilities on the server such as email, file manager, FTP account database, and others.

Mastering Apache

In developing a website, a web server is needed which is installed in the notebook from the programmer. This web server is used to simulate the programming he is doing. The widely recognized web server in the world is Apache.

Mastering FTP

FTP is a protocol for copying files from one computer to another on the internet. To show the development progress, the programmer will copy the files in his notebook to a server on the internet. This is done by communication between the FTP client and the FTP Server.

Functional Aspects Of The Website and The Internet

Mastering The Network

Technical support must know where the server containing the customer’s website is located and how the server is accessed. To fulfill this, technical support must have networking-related skills.

Mastering The Server

Technical support must know the state of the server from our customers. He must monitor the use of resources in it such as processor, memory, hard disk, email queue, and so on.

Mastering The Cpanel Server

Cpanel server is software that contains a lot of settings about our customers’ websites. Settings include settings regarding the mail server and web server.

Mastering Mail Server

Mail servers are vital in the communications that our customers make. Mastery of the mail server is a vital thing that a system administrator must-have.

Mastering Linux Server

Linux is the most widely used server on the internet. The system administrator must master the file structure, the FTP server database that resides on the Linux server.

Mastering Linux Shell

In performing certain administrations, the use of the Linux shell is very powerful. This is only because the Linux shell talks directly to the operating system. System administrators must master at Linux shell to optimize their administration.

Mastering DNS Server

DNS server is a place that contains information on the settings of a domain. System administrators must master this issue, especially if there is a problem that causes the main server to be inaccessible. Make sure there is a DNS backup that will ensure that emails going to that server can be queued. If the DNS backup is also inaccessible, then when the main server is down, sending email to that domain will be disrupted.

Mastering Domain Registration

Domains are a vital tool for customers. The system administrator must understand the domain purchase hierarchy to ensure the domain can function properly.

From the explanation above, website development is a fairly complex process involving aspects of art, programming, and hardware arrangement.

So if you think your skills meet the criteria above, then start to create your website. There are many kinds of websites, but try to create a website that can give you a profit and make money, such as an online gambling website.

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Good design, a well-coded site, a user-friendly interface, and good navigation will cover all of your user’s needs from a site. See, mastering web development skills is a worthy investment of your time and effort surely!

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