Programming or coding is the process of making a program using a computer programming language. If you are interested in learning more, now there are many websites that provide programming training features.

The website is deliberately made for beginners and people who want to learn programming languages ​​from beginner/beginner to become an expert programmer or developer.

Here is the following list of 5 best websites that can help us learn CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Ruby, and other programming languages.

1. W3schools

W3school is the best website (in my opinion) to learn to program for beginners. In W3school, we can directly try the code we made so that if an error occurs, we can find out where the error is. My experience of learning here is a pretty good and very complete library.

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Language choice:
HTML / CSS (HTML5 / CSS3), Javascript, PHP, ASP, XML, AJAX, jQuery

Website: W3schools

2. Codecademy

Furthermore, there is Codecademy, a website for learning programming that is not boring, because Codecademy is designed so that we can learn in a fun way. must try

Language choice:
HTML / CSS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Python, Ruby

Website: Codecademy

3. Code Avengers

Just like Codecademy, Code Avengers also makes learning coding fun. There are three levels that must be passed to become a full expert.

Language choice:
HTML / CSS (HTML5 / CSS3), JavaScript

Website: Code Avengers

4. CodeSchool

CodeSchool provides an attractive appearance and is easy to use, making learning coding comfortable.

Language choice:
HTML / CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, iOS

website: CodeSchool

5. Teamtree House

Finally, there’s TeamtreeHouse, just like code school provides a simple and easy display for learning to code.

Language choice:
HTML / CSS, iOS, Android, WordPress

website: TeamtreeHouse

Five websites that provide services to learn programming languages ​​easily and interestingly. I hope this information is useful.